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How do I assign properties to resources?
How do I assign properties to resources?

Which administrative properties can be changed? Why change these properties? Who can change these properties and where?

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In this article you will learn:

1. Which properties can be assigned to a resource?

The properties that can be assigned to a resource are of an administrative type. Assigning these properties to resources affects their availability and capacity. This not only makes it more transparent to plan bookings for resources, but also for roles and teams.

You can assign the following properties to a resource:

  • Role - A role shows the professional skill of a team member and describes the main task of that member in a project (How do I add roles?). Only one role can be assigned to a resource in a team board.

  • Holiday model - A holiday model (calendar) determines which days of the year will be public holidays and/or company vacations. Several calendars can be assigned to each resource (How do I add a calendar?).

  • Working time model - A working time model defines the weekly working hours (How do I add working time models?).

  • Only Team Board admins can change these resource properties

2. Where and how the properties of a resource are assigned?

  • Navigate to the Team boards section

  • Click on the team board for whose resources you want to change properties

  • Go to the Timeline tab

  • Click on the desired resource - the properties that you can change will be displayed

  • Click on the property you want to change

  • Click on the desired value - A check indicates that the value has been selected

  • If you want to remove a value, click on the value again - the check will be removed.

  • Close the dialog

Note - Please note that you can only select one role for a resource. However, you can select several public holiday calendars or working time models.

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