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How do I add roles?
How do I add roles?

What is a role? Who can create a role? Why add a role? Where can I add a role? How can I set up a role?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a role?

  • A role shows the professional skill of a team member and describes the main task of that member in a project

  • If the professional skill of a member is engineering, the role would be Engineer - if it is designing the role would be Designer

  • A member may have several roles such as Engineer and Project Manager

  • Roles are often organized within a team or department

  • Setting up roles supports resource planning within your project and helps to quickly identify where specific roles are needed most in parallel projects

  • A role can only be created by organization Admins

2. Where and how to add a role?

  • Navigate to your organization

  • Click on the tab Resource settings

  • Click on the button Add new role

  • Enter the name of the new role

  • Choose a colour for the new role

  • Click on Add

  • You can see the created role in the section Roles

3. What information do you need to set up a role?

  • Give your role a meaningful name

  • Choose a colour for the role to distinguish it from other roles

  • Don't worry, you can edit all the information at any time later

4. What happens next

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