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How do I invite colleagues to Allex?
How do I invite colleagues to Allex?

What is inviting colleagues? Where to invite colleagues? How to invite colleagues? Why inviting colleagues?

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In this article you will learn:

1. Where and how to invite colleagues to Allex

  • To collaborate on projects you can invite colleagues from your organization

  • Click on the avatar icon at the bottom left corner of the navigation

  • Select Manage Organizations and open your primary organization

  • Open the Members tab. This is where all members of your organization are listed

  • Click the Add member button

2. What information you need to invite colleagues

  • Enter the first and last name and the company e-mail address of the new member

  • Select the license fitting your colleagues job position

  • Click on Invite

  • If you want to notify a member about the invitation via e-mail, use the checkbox below the input form

3. What happens next

  • The invited colleagues receive an e-mail with the invitation

  • If your colleagues already have an account in Allex they can start directly by signing into the organization from the e-mail

  • If your colleagues have no account yet, they have to set up an account in Allex first

  • After setting up an account, your colleagues automatically become a member of the organization and receive viewer access rights to all projects

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