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How do I work with lists in Allex?
How do I work with lists in Allex?

Where do I find lists? What functions do lists in Allex offer?

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In this article you will learn:

1. Where can I find lists in Allex?

  • Both tasks and projects can be viewed as lists in Allex

  • Projects:

    • All projects of the organization can be found in the portfolio as a list

    • All projects of a search query are also presented as a list

  • Tasks can be found on the following pages as a list in Allex:

    • Task list in projects

    • Task list in Team board

    • Task list in search

2. Functions of the lists in Allex at a glance


Add and hide columns

Move columns

Resize columns

Move tasks via Drag and Drop

Create tasks from the list

Edit title

Project lists

Search results


Task lists


Search results


My tasks/My day

Tip: In addition to these functions, many more actions can be performed in all lists by clicking on the respective cell

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