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How can I get noticifations?
How can I get noticifations?

What are notifications? When do I receive a notification? Where do I receive notifications? Which notifications can I receive?

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In this article you will learn

1. What is a notification within Allex?

  • Notifications are short messages that support your collaborations and efficient work using Allex

  • Allex sends a notification, when...

Tip: We are developing to deliver further relevant notifications. Let us know if you have a wish.

2. Notification Center

  • Find the Notification Center in your main navigation on the left

  • Check the red badge for new notifications

  • Click on the notification icon to open the notification center

  • You can find the latest notification at the top of the list

  • Click three-dot menu to open the notification settings page

3. In-App Notifications

  • In-App notifications contain the following information

    • Read/Unread indication

    • Sender's name and avatar

    • Time stamp

    • Notification message + Call to action

    • Item name (Project, Task, Milestone, Checklist item) or comment capture

    • Parent item names

  • You can...

    • click a notification to open a focus card,

    • click a call-to-action button and directly provide an update,

    • click and open a parent project in a new browser tab, or

    • delete notifications

4. Email Notifications

  • You will receive an e-mail notification if...

    • someone @mentions you in a comment

    • someone requests a status update

    • someone assigns you responsible for a project, task, milestone or checklist item

  • You can...

    • click the button to open a focus card or project

    • click the link to open the notification settings page

5. Notification settings

  • You can access your notification settings straight from the notification center, via the My profile section or an e-mail notification

  • You see all notification types listed and can decide whether you want to receive e-mail notification, In-App notification or both

6. What happens next

  • We will develop further to evolve our offerings. Stay tuned!

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