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Feedback via smartphone
Feedback via smartphone

How do I use Allex on smartphone? How can I give feedback via smartphone?

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In this article you will learn:

1. How to use Allex on your smartphone

  • You can access Allex via any browser on your smartphone using the address

  • To access Allex quickly via smartphone, you have the following options:

IPhone: Add Allex to your home screen

  • Once you have accessed Allex in a browser on your IPhone, press the Share button and select Add to Home Screen

  • Now you can add the Allex web app to your IPhone folder structure as usual and always have quick access to your Allex account

Android: Allex zum Home Bildschirm hinzufügen

  • If you have accessed Allex in a browser on your Android smartphone, press the three-dot menu and select Add to Home Screen

2. How to give feedback via smartphone

  • When your project manager requests feedback from you on a task or milestone, you can easily report back a status update via smartphone

  • Click Update now in the feedback request email notification

  • The Status Update window in Allex opens directly and you can perform the update

  • As the end date is already in the past, the project manager Allex has asked Jennifer for a status update on the start for the Assembly task

  • Jennifer sets the status to In progress and adds a comment for project manager Allex to explain it

  • The status update automatically adjusts the project plan for the Cooling Unit - 274 and the project manager receives a notification.

3. What happens next

  • Check further details of the task or milestone by clicking on the task title

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