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How can I use Allex in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)?
How can I use Allex in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams)?

What is Allex for Microsoft Teams? Who can use it? How can I install it? What can I do?

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1. What is Allex for Microsoft teams?

By integrating Allex to your Microsoft Teams, you can work on your Allex projects and tasks without leaving Microsoft Teams. You can stay in your usual workflow and collaborate with your team members seamlessly.

For example, you can open your Allex project during the regular meeting, check the project status and task status, make required changes immediately, take meeting notes with action points, start a follow-up chat after the meeting, share any updates, and much more. You can stay connected with your team, track the conversation, and facilitate your team to focus on the overarching goal and perform their best.

Tip: The free version of Microsoft Teams does not support app integration.

2. Who can use it?

Allex for Microsoft Teams is available for all Allex user types, including guests. Everyone can enjoy using Allex within their permission limit. Learn about Allex user permissions.

3. How can I add Allex to Microsoft Teams?

There are two options how to add Allex to your Microsoft Teams

1. Add your Allex project to your Teams channel

  • Open your teams channel in Microsoft Teams

  • Find ‘+’ icon at the top, and click it

  • Type ‘Allex’ in the search bar, and click the Allex App

  • Click ‘Add’ button

Tip: If you cannot find Allex, please contact your IT department. It could be that Apps need to be checked and installed by them for the security purpose.

2. Add Allex as private app at Microsoft Teams

  • Find ‘Apps’ icon in the Microsoft Teams navigation bar, and click it

  • Type “Allex” in the search bar, click the Allex App

  • Click ‘Add’ button

Tip: By applying the right click, you can pin the Allex icon at the navigation bar.

4. How can I log in?

Log in to Allex or sign up for a new Allex account

  • New user: When you click ‘Create account’, you’ll be navigated to Allex on browser to start the first registration process. After that, follow the steps below

  • Existing user: You can log in with your Microsoft credentials if that’s the same for Allex log in (Learn about SSO)

  • Existing user: You can choose to log in with non-MIcrosoft credentials that are used for Allex

5. What can I do?

At teams channel, you can add individual projects

  • Select a project from a dropdown list and save it

  • Your project has been simply added to the teams channel!

  • Once your Allex project is added, your team can enjoy all the features such as task creation and assignments (learn), share files (learn), check project status in different views including Board view (learn), give a status update (learn) and much more.

  • Microsoft Teams’ tab conversation feature is also convenient if you want to take high-level meeting notes.

At private app, you’ll find three different tabs – My day, My tasks, and Portfolio.

  • At My day, you can see your tasks that are either in progress, due today or overdue. You can also create a new task, add it to an existing project or keep it separately as your personal task. Read more

  • At My tasks, you can see all tasks that are assigned to you. You can perform all actions available at My day. Read more

  • At Portfolio, you can see all the projects that you can open. You should have at least the read access right to see the project in your Portfolio. Read more

  • You can use the search and filter functions to find a specific project. Read more

  • Watch this video to learn other features at Portfolio

6. What happens next?

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