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How do I use the AI-Project Generator?
How do I use the AI-Project Generator?

What is the AI-Project Generator? How do I generate a project? How do I work with the generated project?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is the AI-Project Generator?

With the help of the AI-Project Generator, you can create comprehensive project plans with suitable project phases, tasks and dependencies in just a few minutes. The project plans are generated by our AI-Project Generator based on your inputs.

For more information, you can watch our video tutorial:

2. How do I generate a project?

  • Add a new project by using the plus button and open the AI-Project Generator tab.

  • For an optimal result, it is necessary that all fields are filled in and that you provide very precise information.

  • Select one of the predefined Project types for structuring your project or enter your own project structure with phases in the Suggested project structure field, which will then be adopted.

  • You can now complete the Project description by providing detailed information on the objective, the requirements and your industry.

  • If you need help with this, activate the Guide me toggle and a structure for the project description will be provided.

  • Finally, select the size of your project.

  • You can create the project and receive a comprehensive project plan with project phases, tasks and dependencies.

  • Generating the project can take a few minutes. Allex will inform you as soon as the project has been completed.

Security and data protection

Please note that the information entered in this form will be passed on to third parties. Therefore, please avoid entering confidential information. The resulting outcome in Allex as well as all other data in Allex are and will remain secure with us.

3. How do I work with the generated project?

Before you start implementing the project, you should check the generated project plan once and do some detailed planning.

In each generated project plan, you will find a task with checklist points that you can follow. These include:

  • Task descriptions and checklist items checked: Each task consists of a title, description and checklist items. In the first step, these should be checked and expanded if necessary.

  • Duration, buffer and dependencies of the fine-tuned: Based on the individual requirements in your project, it is important to customize the duration, buffer and dependencies. The duration and the buffer can be easily adjusted in the list; to check the dependencies, it is best to open the network. (Further information: Link)

  • Responsibilities added: Now add responsible persons and members for the entire project as well as for the individual tasks. Additional resources can be booked to each task (Further information: Link).

  • Due date defined: Now define a due date for the project and Allex will generate all the data for the individual tasks automatically.

Tip: Your project description from the input dialogue is not lost, you will find it in the overview of your project.

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