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How can I search and filter for tasks and projects?
How can I search and filter for tasks and projects?

Which filters can I use? How do I filter my projects in the portfolio and my tasks in the list?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is the search and filter function in the portfolio view

The portfolio view gives you an overview of all the projects in your organization. As the list of projects can be very long, you can search for specific projects or filter them according to different criteria. This allows you to put a focus on project meetings and keep an overview.

2. How to search and filter for projects in the portfolio

  • Navigate to the portfolio view

  • Type your search or filter criteria in the search input field at the top right bar and press enter

  • Enter # to apply a filter (e.g. #Status: done)

  • As soon as you enter #, a drop-down selection menu from which you can choose will appear

  • You can combine several filters (e.g. #Status: done & #Assigned by: me)

  • To include scenario projects in your search, activate show scenarios

In the following you will find some examples of search and filter criteria:

Search for keywords in title

  • You can find your projects by title

  • Simply enter a part of the title in the search line and press enter, the results will be displayed in the list

Tip: Use the sorting function to arrange your results list

Filter by custom fields

  • You can filter your project portfolio by your custom fields for projects

  • A prerequisite for filtering by custom fields is, that these fields have been created in your organization

    e.g. #Budget: on track or #Customer: Global Inc.

Filter by project time status

If you want to get an overview of the health status of your projects it is recommended to filter for the #Time status. Allex defines three different time statuses. They are calculated by the due date in relation to the project progress on the critical path and the remaining buffer:

  • On Time: The current progress of the project suggests, that you will reach the selected due date on time. If you use flexible time buffers for your planning, the status On Time shows you, that you still have remaining buffer time.

  • At Risk: The project can still be completed on time, but some tasks or milestones are delayed and are currently consuming the planned buffers too quickly in relation to the progress of the project. This means that you have less slack, and the project is at risk to be completed on time.

  • Delayed: The due date of the project is exceeded and the project is delayed. The calculated end date is behind the planned due date. If you use time buffers for planning, the total buffer is consumed. You may need to adjust the due date of the project.

3. How to search and filter for tasks in the project view

You can also use the text search or the filter in the project as usual to specify the elements in a project.

  • Only project-specific filters are displayed here

  • For the search, it is only possible to select task responsibles from the relevant project and external persons who have responsibilities in this project.

  • The custom fields which are displayed from the entire organisation

You can also sort all tasks or the search result according to different criteria, e.g. by Last updated. To return to the usual view, select the Manual order option.

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