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How do I create a new project?
How do I create a new project?

What is a project? Who can create a project? Why adding a project? Where can I add a project? How can I set up a project?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a project

  • A series of linked or independent tasks that need to be completed to reach a predefined goal

  • Projects range from “simple steps to achieve a goal” to complex, interdependent, risk-prone processes that need careful handling to achieve the expected result within the allocated time frame

  • In Allex, projects can be enriched with milestones and buffer time, also known as “slack”, allowing to secure areas that are critical for the successful and timely completion of the project

2. Where and how to set up a new project

There are multiple ways to set up a new project:

1. Use the blue plus button at the bottom of your navigation bar on the left

2. Or open My Work and press the plus icon in the section Projects

  • After you pressed the plus, the Create project dialogue opens

  • Decide whether you want to create a blank project from scratch or work with a template

Tip: If you want to work with your Templates or Allex Templates check our article

3. What information you need to set up a new project

  • Give your project a title

  • Select your organization (if not done by default)

  • Decide whether your project should be published or private to the organization or stay as a scenario first

  • Don´t worry, you can edit all the information at any time later

4. What happens next

Often questions about "how to add a new project?" come along with questions about:

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