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What can I find via Allex Global search?
What can I find via Allex Global search?

What is Global search? What can I search? How can I find certain tasks or projects? How can I use filters?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is Global search?

Global search allows you to find any tasks or projects across all the organizations you have access within Allex. This means, that if you have more than one organization, you can check the status of any task or project without switching between different organizations.

Another great thing is that Global search opens as an overlay. That means that whatever page you are working on right now will be kept underneath the Global search. After finishing the search, you can go back to the previous page and continue your work.

2. Where to find the Global search

  • Find a magnifying glass icon at the top of the main navigation bar.

  • Click it to open the Global search.

  • The magnifying glass icon will change to a “close” icon.

  • If you click the close icon, the Global search will disappear, and you’ll get back to the previous page.

Tip: You can access to the Global search from any page.

3. Quick search links within Global search

On the entry page of Global search, you can find a set of useful filter links.

My Work links:

  • Tasks I’ve assigned: shows all the tasks you assigned to someone, including yourself.

  • Tasks I’ve assigned to others: shows all the tasks you assigned to someone else.

  • Tasks others assigned to me: shows all the tasks that were assigned to you by someone else.

4. How to search and filter

You can search tasks or projects by keywords:

  • Select Task or Project

  • Type your keywords in the search input box, and press Enter key on your keyboard to execute the search

Tip: Keyword should also works for texts in custom fields.

You can search tasks or projects by responsible person:

  • Type “@” or click @ icon to display a list of members

  • Select a person from the dropdown menu

  • Repeat the same action to select several persons

  • If you enter a keyword, press Enter to start the search

You can also funnel your search by applying search filters

  • Type “#” or click # icon to display a list of search filters

  • Select one or more search filter(s) from the dropdown menu and press Enter key

  • You can also combine several filters (e.g. #Status:InProgress & #Due:NextWeek)

Tip: To delete a search filter, click the X.

Overview of Allex Project and Task search filters:

  • #Status (e.g. #Status:planned)

  • #Time status (e.g. #Time status: at risk) – Project only

  • #Assigned by (e.g. #Assigned by: me)

  • #Template (to manage the templates of your organization) – Project only

  • #Due (e.g. #Due:this week)

  • #Startdate (e.g. #Startdate:this month)

Tip: Use the sorting function to arrange your results list.

Advanced search filter

  • We recommend the filter dialog for advanced search. It´s much more convenient and easy to apply search criteria

  • Next to global search, you find the advanced search filter in the portfolio view and team boards

5. How to save your search

  • After displaying a search, click the Save icon

  • Give a name to your search and click the Save Search button

  • Go back to the entry page to find the saved search

Tip: Saved searches will appear in alphabetical order

6. Recent searches

You can find your recent searches on the Global search entry page. It allows you to keep a short history of your searches, and you can apply the same search by clicking it. Allex will display the search result based on the latest data.

Tip: Your search term and filter will be displayed in the following order – responsible person (@mention), keyword, search filter, sorting option.

7. What happens next

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