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How do I export my data to CSV?
How do I export my data to CSV?
Where do I export data to csv? What is a csv export? Why do I export data to csv?
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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a CSV data export

  • When you are exporting your data from Allex, you will receive a CSV file in which all selected data is structured in form of text

  • This gives you the option to process the data with Excel or other applications to create analyses and reports

2. Where and how to export data to CSV

You can export data from the Portfolio and the Global search

Export data from the Portfolio view

  • In the Portfolio area, you can use the Quick export to export all project data (Project-ID, name, Task-ID, responsible, status, resource assignments and custom fields) of the organization

  • Click on Export to csv in the three-dot menu on top and select Quick export

  • If you only want to export selected data or projects, type your selection criteria (e.g. @Allex & #Status:InProgress) into the search field and press Export to csv and select Quick export

Export data from the Global search

  • To be able to export task data in addition to project data, the Global search offers several options

  • Open the Global search and select between Tasks and Projects

  • Enter your search criteria, e.g. you want to export all completed tasks of the responsible Allex from the Cooling Unit projects. This will result in the following search criteria: Tasks; @Allex, #Status:Done and Cooling Unit

  • Next, you trigger the CSV export just like in the Portfolio using the three-dot menu

  • You can extend the Quick export with the resource information on booked hours per team or role

3. What happens next

  • Open the file on your computer

  • Now you can start creating reports and analyses

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