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How do I set permissions in team boards?
How do I set permissions in team boards?

What is a permission? Who can set permissions? Where can I set access permissions? How can I set permissions?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is access permission?

Access to team boards is controlled via permission roles. These define the access and editing rights of the respective role.

There are three permission roles in Allex:

  • Admin - Has all permissions to edit a team board (change team member and board settings, add/remove team members, add/edit/remove bookings/ absences and change access permissions)

  • Editor - Can edit a team board (create, edit and delete bookings/ absences)

  • Team member (Resource) - Can only view a team board and can edit her own bookings/ absences

Other permission rules:

  • All members of an organization have viewer access rights to the team boards of this organization

  • All organization admins automatically have admin access rights within all team boards of their organization

  • Guest users in the organization cannot add new members to the board, even as team board admins

  • Guest users in the organization need the permission of the project/task in addition to the board permissions to see them on the board

2. Where and how to set a permission role

  • Navigate to your team board

  • Click on the Board Editors-icon on the left of the search-box in the header

  • Click on the Add new user button in the top right corner

  • Search for members of your organization or just scroll the list

  • Select the member and choose the permission role from the drop down

  • Team Board members can be added under Add New Resource

  • Once a Team Board member is assigned a role on the board, they can be assigned as a resource for task

3. What happens next

  • The team board editor can now add tasks to the board

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