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How do I set access permissions in an organization?
How do I set access permissions in an organization?

What is an access permission in an organization? Who can set permissions? Where can I set access permissions? Why access permissions?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is access permission?

Access to organizations is controlled via permission roles. These define the access and editing rights of the respective role. When you create an organization you are automatically its admin.

Only an organization Admin is allowed to grant or change access permissions to organization members.

There are three organization permission roles in Allex:

  • Admin - Has all permissions in an organization. An Admin can customize all organization settings, e. g. adding members to an organization, edit or remove them and change their access permissions.
    Furthermore this permission role includes admin access rights on all projects and team boards of the organization.

  • Member - Has restricted permissions in an organization. A Member can only add members to an organization.
    Moreover viewing projects and team boards of an organization is granted.

  • Guest - Has no permissions in an organization and cannot see the organization.

    In addition, they cannot see projects or team boards in the organization.

    To be able to view projects or team boards, the guest must be added at least viewer permission.

2. Where and how to set an access permission role

  • Navigate to your organization

  • Click on the tab Members

  • Click on the drop-down list with the permission roles and choose the desired role

3. What happens next

  • According to the permission role the organization member can edit and customize all settings in an organization or add members to the organization

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