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How do I add a new team board?
How do I add a new team board?

What is a team board? Who can create a team board? Why add a team board? Where can I add a team board? How can I set up a team board?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a team board

  • A team board functions as an organizational unit

  • Resources who work on a certain type of project can be gathered in a team board

  • Each resource must be assigned a role so that it can be booked for a task

  • A team board can be created by organization members.

2. How to create a new team board

  • Navigate to the overview of Team Boards

  • Click on the button Add new team board

  • Enter the name of the new team board

  • Select an organization if applicable

  • Enter a description

  • Click on Create team board

  • The new team board is displayed

Tip: A team board cannot be moved to another organization!

3. What information you need to set up a working time model

  • A meaningful name for the team board

  • The organization in which the team board should be created

4. What happens next

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