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How do I add a project manager
How do I add a project manager

What is a project manager? Why do I need a project manager? Where do I add a project manager? How do I add a project manager?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a project manager?

The project manager is the key responsible person in every project. The project manager...

  • Creates the project plan and make plan changes as necessary

  • Grants specific access permissions to project members

  • Invites project members and assigns them to projects and tasks

  • Tracks project progress and budget and solicits feedback from assigned project members as necessary

2. Where and how to add a project manager

  • Navigate to your project

  • Click on the empty avatar with the description Add responsible in the project header

  • In the list you can see the members of the organization to which the project belongs

  • You can search for a user in the list by entering the name in the search field

  • Click on the button Assign for the user who should be the responsible person. That person automatically receives the permission role Editor in this project

3. What happens next

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