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How do I create an organization?
How do I create an organization?

What is an organization? Who can set up an organization? Where to create an organization? Why setting up an organization?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is an organization

  • An organization in Allex forms a formal structure of a company that includes all those involved in project management. Accordingly, your company can be represented as such an organization

  • In the organization, you manage users, projects and resources

  • Projects that you create in an organization are available to all members of the organization

  • In addition, you can make general specific settings for resources and projects within the organization

2. Where and how to set up a new organization

  • Organizations are created in the user profile

  • Click on Profile at the left bottom of the navigation bar and select My profile

  • In your profile click on the tab Organizations and select Add organization

3. What information you need to set up a new organization

  • Enter the official name of the organization and click Add organization

4. What happens next

After you clicked on Add organization, you can start managing it:

  • Add and manage new projects

  • Add and manage new members

  • Set up general settings

  • Set up resource settings

  • Set up project settings

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