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How to upload a file to a task?
How to upload a file to a task?

Where can I upload files? How can I upload files? Which file types can I upload? How can I download files? What size of files can I upload?

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In this article you will learn about:

1. File upload

  • To collaborate seamlessly on projects, it is essential to keep everyone well informed

  • By uploading files (e.g. such as shipping documents, screenshots, mock-ups) in tasks, milestones and checklist items you can make sure, that anyone working on the task has all the necessary information

  • Open the focus card of a task, milestone or checklist item and press on the Add button in the attachment section

  • Your File manager will open and you can select the document you want to attach

File types and size

  • You can upload files of the format: .csv, .doc, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .svg and many more

  • The respective file must not exceed a size between 4KB - 50 MB

2. How to download and remove files

  • Hover the attachment and click on the three-dot menu

  • Select Download and find the file in your Download folder

  • Select Delete and confirm the deletion in the pop-up window

3. What happens next

  • You can share tasks with others or ask for a status update

  • Please let us know if you have any feedback or wishes about this feature

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