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How do I create a new task?
How do I create a new task?

What is a task? Why adding a task? Where to add a task? Who can create a task? When to add a task?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a task

  • A task is the basic scheduling unit of a project

  • A task can stand by itself without connection to a project, but in Allex most tasks are the living breathing parts of projects

  • Tasks contain a start and end date, duration and buffer time as well as the description, uploaded files, checklist items, assignments, and activity log

  • Tasks can be fixed or flexible, depending on the project. Flexible tasks are tasks where the start and end dates are calculated depending on the dates of the dependent tasks. This allows for a task to start earlier than expected if the preceding task is done earlier than planned

2. Where and how to create a new task

There is multiple ways to create a new task in your project:

1. In the list view

  • Select task in the left drop-down menu within the white input field beneath the project header

  • Insert a title for your task

  • Press enter to add the task to your list

  • You can also create new tasks within the list at different positions:

    • As a child task to the summary task (1)

    • As sibling task to another task (2)

    • From the bottom of the list (3)

2. In the netplan view

  • Here, tasks are clearly displayed and can be linked to each other, giving you an overview of the dependencies in the project (learn more)

  • Tasks created in the netplan are planned backwards from the project due date and forestanding tasks

  • You can also add unlinked new tasks to the netplan

  • Click, drag and drop a new task from the Add new task button on the top left corner onto one of the displayed drop zones in the netplan

3. What information you need to create a new task

  • Open the task card in your project (list or netplan view)

  • Define if the date of the task is flexible or fixed

  • Set the due date

  • Change status of the task (planned, started, etc.)

  • Assign a responsible to the task

  • Add a description

  • Add checklist items and assign them to team members

  • Assign teams, roles or persons to the task

  • You can also edit all the task information later

4. What happens next

Often questions about "How do I create a new task?" come along with questions about:

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