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How do I delete tasks or milestones?
How do I delete tasks or milestones?

What is deleting a task? Why delete a milestone? Where do I delete a task/milestone? How do I delete a task/milestone? Who can delete?

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In this article you will learn:

1. The effect deleting a task or milestone has

  • Deleting removes all contents (description, checklist items, etc.) of the task/milestone

  • When you are planning your project you usually link tasks and milestones between each other

  • When deleting, the individual links with predecessors or successors are broken. If a task that has both a successor and a predecessor is deleted, the predecessor and successor are linked. Thus, it is important to pay attention to links before deletion

  • Any project member with editing role, a project administrator and organization administrator can delete

2. Where and how to delete a task or milestone

There are two ways to delete tasks and milestones:

1. List view:

  • Open the three-dot menu on the task/milestone and choose Delete (1)

  • Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete task in the dialog (2)

2. Netplan view:

  • Access the three-dot menu of the task/milestone card and select Delete task

3. What happens next

Often questions about "How do I delete tasks or milestones?" come along with questions about:

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