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How to work with the My tasks page?
How to work with the My tasks page?

What is the My tasks page? How can I sort my tasks? How can I assign tasks to others?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is the My tasks page?

  • The My tasks page shows all tasks that are assigned to you by others and by yourself in a list or board view

  • The Project column shows you, if the task belongs to a project or if it is a single task

  • You can find tasks with status Planned, In progress, and Not set

  • If you want to find done tasks you can use the global search or activate Display Done tasks is the three-dot menu in the right upper corner

List view:

Board view:

2. Sorting & filtering My tasks


  • To get a better overview of your tasks you can use different sorting options and sort by...

    • assignment date

    • creation date

    • Last updated

    • status

    • name

    • start date

    • end date

    • project name

Tip: To quickly see which tasks you should work on to support your projects, pick the sorting by status


  • Click on Add filter

  • Choose your filter criteria and/or type a keyword

  • You can save your search for later

3. Creating new tasks

  • Create new tasks from the insertion field on top of List view OR at the bottom of each column in the Board view

  • Type any task title and hit enter or press the blue plus

List view:

Board view:

4. Assigning tasks to others

  • If you want to delegate a task from your My tasks page, you can add the responsible column to your list (1) and click the responsible icon (2)

  • Select a responsible person from the list and press Send invite (3)

  • OR you open the task and do the assignment in the focus card

5. What happens next?

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