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How can I group my tasks?
How can I group my tasks?

What is task grouping? How can I group my tasks? How to configure custom groupings?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is task grouping?

To get a better overview of your planned and ongoing tasks you can group them. In the Board-view of My tasks and My day you find predefined grouping options (by status or project) as well as the option to create custom task groups (e.g. by priority or customer).

2. How can I group my tasks?

  • Go to My tasks or My day and open the Board-view

  • Here you can choose to Group your tasks by status or project (default)

    • Group by status: You can change the status of a task/milestone/checklist item via drag and drop and add a personal task to each status column

    • Group by project: You get an overview of your tasks by project. You can add tasks to the project column but not drag and drop tasks between projects

3. How to configure custom groupings?

To match your individual way of task management, you can configure custom grouping views. These custom groupings allow you to organize tasks by any attribute you select. The custom groupings are only available for you on your My tasks/ My day page.

  • Open the Group by menu

  • Click on Configure custom groupings

  • A dialog opens

  • Type in the name for a new grouping in the Add new grouping line (e.g. Priority) and press enter

  • You can edit or delete your groupings via the pencil and trashcan icon next to the grouping title in this dialog

  • Press close on the dialog to confirm the creation and your edits

  • Quickly access the newly created grouping (e.g. Priority) by pressing on the Group by menu. You will find your created grouping e.g Priority above Configure new grouping

  • Select your grouping to open it

  • You find a board with one column of all tasks assigned to you (same as in My tasks/My day list) on the left

  • Top and right of this column press on Add new group and create groups like Priority 1 and Priority 2, which bring structure to your grouping (here: Priority)

  • Now that you created your groups (Priority 1 and Priority 2) simply drag and drop tasks from the No group column on to the groups to organize your tasks

  • Change the order of groups by drag-and-dropping them

  • Edit the group title by pressing the pencil icon next to the name of the group (e.g. Priority 2 is changed toPriority high)

  • Delete a group by pressing the trashcan icon

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