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How do I work with summary tasks?
How do I work with summary tasks?

What is a summary task? How do I add a summary task? Why should I work with summary tasks? Who can create summary tasks?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a summary task

  • A task is the basic scheduling unit of a project

  • Allex offers to bundle these single tasks into summary tasks

  • Summary tasks are represented by a folder icon

  • Tasks with a larger scope are very well suited to be created as summary tasks

  • Summary tasks allow you to structure numerous tasks within your project

2. Where and how to create a summary task

List view

  • Open the list view of your project

  • Select the summary task icon in the drop down menu next to the Add new task field

  • Give your summary task a title

  • Press enter to add the summary task to your list


  • If you already created a summary task you can add a new one from the netplan view of your project

  • Add your title in the field + Add new summary and press enter


3. What information you need to create a summary task

  • A summary task has no due date

  • The tasks inside the summary task determine the timely structure of the summary task (using backwards calculation from the projects due date)

  • Assign team members to the summary task

  • Add tasks or milestones and assign them

  • Insert a description of the summary task

4. How to work with a summary task

List view:



  • You can collapse summary tasks to focus on your current work

5. What happens next

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