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How can I create and use my templates?
How can I create and use my templates?

What is a template? Where can I create a template? How can I use my templates? Why should I work with templates?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a template?

  • Templates allow you to adopt a project structure for multiple projects

  • You can start planning a new project directly with a template and save a lot of time when creating the project plan

  • By using the same template, you create consistency between your projects and the associated processes

  • Once you have created templates, you will avoid mistakes in project and process planning in the long term

2. Where and how can I create a template?

  • Create one or more projects with a recurring structure

  • Open the three-dot menu in the project header and select Save as template

  • Give the template a title, select the organization, add a description of the template and select which information of the project should be included

  • Finally, click on Create Template

  • You will be informed about the generation and successful creation of the template and can access it by clicking on Open template

  • Templates are marked as such in the project header

3. Where and how can I use a template?

  • Click on the Plus icon to create a new project

  • Select My templates

  • When you hover over a template in the list, the description is displayed

  • Select a template and click Next

  • Next, give the project a title and determine which information of the template should be included

  • Click on Create project and start your work

4. Where and how to find and edit templates

  • Type a #Template in the global search for projects or in the Portfolio view

  • Select Template

  • Open the template you want to edit

  • Editing your template isn´t different to editing your project

5. What happens next?

  • Now you can fill the project with further details (e.g. due dates) and make your project work a success

Often questions about "How can I create and use my templates?" come along with questions about:

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