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How do I add a milestone?
How do I add a milestone?

What is a milestone? Who needs milestones? Where can I create a milestone? How can I set up a milestone? Why do I need milestones?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a milestone

  • A milestone marks important interim targets in a project

  • Milestones visualize deadlines and provide information about what should already be completed by this date

  • A milestone can have dependencies with predecessor and/or successor tasks, changing a milestone therefore has an influence on the activities

  • Milestones do not have a start date and duration, but only an end date

2. Where and how to add a milestone

There are multiple ways to create a new milestone in your project:

1. List view

  • Use the white input line beneath the project header

  • Select milestone in the drop-down menu at the left end of the input line

  • To the right of the plus button you can give the milestone a title

  • Press enter to add the milestone to your list

2. Netplan & list view

  • Click on the connector to create a new task card (the different connectors allow you to create a task at the same level or below a predecessor or successor task) OR use the Add task button on top of the netplan

  • Click Add a task title to give the milestone a descriptive title

  • Open the three-dot menu of the task card and select Convert to Milestone

  • After you confirm the conversion by clicking Convert to Milestone in the pop-up window the task card is displayed in blue and the milestone is created

3. What information you need to add a milestone

  • Set a date (1)

  • Select whether the date should be fixed or flexible in the project plan (2)

  • Enter a description (3)

  • Add checklist items, e.g. to list results that are needed to achieve the milestone (4)

  • After successful achievement of the milestone, you can set the status to Done

Fixed and flexible dates for milestones:

  1. You can set the milestone fixed by selecting Fixed date. The milestone will be planned exactly on this date. Possible delays of predecessors have no influence on the milestone date

  2. You can set the milestone date flexibly by selecting Flexible date. The date is automatically calculated based on the dependencies of the predecessors and successors of the milestone

4. What happens next

  • Now you can add as many milestones as you need to structure and plan your project

  • The Timeline view of your project gives you an overview of your tasks and milestones

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