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How do I work with project folders?
How do I work with project folders?

What is a folder? Where do I add folders? How do I set up folders? Why do I need folders? Who works with folders?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a project folder

  • An element within your My Work sidebar sub-navigation

  • Offers to structure your work the way you need it

  • Folders are only visible to you and don´t affect the work of others

2. Where and how to use folders

  • Open your My work sidebar sub-navigation

  • In the end of your project list, you see the button New Folder

  • Click the button

  • Add a title and press Create

  • Now you find your new folder in the list of your sidebar sub-navigation

  • The sidebar folders Projects & Favourites are a default folders and are not changeable

  • The folders in your sidebar are displayed in alphabetical order

  • To structure your projects in folders open the three-dot menu of a project and select to which folder to move it or you simply drag and drop the project on a folder

  • Open and close your folders via the arrow next to the folder title

  • Use the three-dot menu of a folder to edit the title or delete it

  • If you want to delete the folder make sure that you moved the projects inside of it to a different folder or delete them as well, otherwise they will be pushed to the Projects folder

3. What happens next

  • Now you can structure your work the way you need it and keep a tidy overview of your projects

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