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How do I move tasks or milestones?
How do I move tasks or milestones?

What does moving tasks milestones mean? Why moving tasks/milestones? Where to move tasks/milestones? How to move tasks/milestones?

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In this article you will learn:

1. Why would you move a task or milestone

  • When you are planning your project you can use the list view to create tasks and milestones fast

  • When you want to organize these tasks and milestones you can move them into the right timely order

2. Where and how to move a task or milestone

There are several ways for moving tasks/milestones:

Netplan view:

  1. Drag and drop

  • Press and hold on a netplan card to start the dragging mode

  • Now all possible drop zones are displayed

  • Drag the netplan card to a drop zone. As soon as the drop zone highlights, you can drop the netplan card.

  • The dragged netplan card is now organized into the netplan

2. Three-dot menu of the netplan card

  • Open the three-dot menu of the task or milestone and press on Move task (1)

  • Select the predecessor or successor by clicking on the connector icon left or right of the task (2)

List view:

  • Move your preferred task via drag and drop in the list or move a task inside a summary task

3. What happens next

  • The Timeline view gives you an overview of your organized tasks and milestones

  • Now you can continue to plan your project and create dependencies

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