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How do I work with private projects?
How do I work with private projects?

What is a private project? How do I create a private project? What are the permissions and rules in private projects?

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In this article you will learn

1. What is a public and private project?

Public project

Private project

  • To manage access permissions in projects within organizations you can mark a project as private

  • Only you and the members you invite will be able to see and edit the project

  • You can work with internal and external team members on private projects

2. How to create a private project?

There are two ways how to mark a project as private:

1. When you create a new project from scratch or from a template within an organization


  • You mark an existing project as private by pressing Share and selecting Project member access only in the project permissions dialogue

  • Hereby the assigned members of a task will keep their editing rights for the tasks only

3. What happens next?

Now you can invite internal and external team members to the private project and keep on planning it

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