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How do I work with the Board view?
How do I work with the Board view?

What is the Board view? Which features does the Board view have?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is the Board view?

  • You find the Board view for each project right after the list view

  • The Board view follows the structure of a Kanban board, so you find your project tasks as cards in columns

  • It offers three grouping options (by status, responsible, and summary task)

  • Each task card displays the same information as in the netplan and offers the same menu options as well

2. Board view grouping options

  • You can choose between three grouping options for your project Board view

Group by status

  • This is the default grouping for the Board view

  • You can find the columns that are named “Planned”, “In progress”, and “Done” based on the available task status

  • Within each column, the tasks are sorted based on the List view order

  • You can drag and drop tasks to change the status

Group by responsible

  • In the columns, you find all tasks assigned to one project member

  • You can drag and drop tasks to change the responsible or assign unassigned tasks

Group by summary

  • Each column represents a summary task of your project. Therefore, when you switch from List view to Board view, you’ll find all tasks and milestones in the same order.

  • The column on the left side in Board view would be placed at the top in the List view.

  • You can also design your own workflow and create a customized Board view by adding columns and adjusting the column order.

3. Moving task cards in the Board view

  • Group by status & responsible: You can drag and drop tasks from one column to the other, e.g. to change the status or assign someone as a responsible

  • Group by summary: You can drag and drop columns to change the order of summary tasks in your project. You can also drag and drop tasks within the same column or into another column to place them in the right order.

4. Creating tasks in the Board view

  • At the bottom of each column, you can add a new card

Creating summary tasks in the Board view

  • On the far right side, you can add new summary tasks

5. What happens next?

  • We will develop the Board view further and add more features to it. Let us know if you have any wishes.

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