Here's how you can tell the two update types apart:

✨ New and Improved

🔧 Fixed

July 2022

✨ Team board: Create new tasks for your team directly in the team board list.

🔧 Internationalization for dates: Setting task dates across time zones

✨ Portfolio timeline: You can evaluate your team workload in addition to the role workload

✨ Search: Now you can search by keywords and also combine them with #filters

✨ 2 new columns in the list views: Add assignment and creation date per task as columns in the list views of projects, My tasks, Team board and search

✨ List views: Edit task duration and buffer duration even faster with one click directly in the list view.

✨ Board view: Your last grouping selection (status, responsible, summary) is saved per project.

Feedback via mobile phone: We optimized the use of the task focus cards and the status update process via smartphone. Try it out and update your tasks on the go.

June 2022

✨ New CSV export options: There are two additional options to export resource hours – per team or per role.

File upload: Add files to tasks, milestones and checklist items

✨ Board view: Now you can see your project tasks and milestones grouped by summary task

✨ Collapse/Expand all summary tasks: With one click, you can open or close all summary tasks in the List, Netplan, and Timeline views.

2-factor authentication: You can secure the login for all members of your organization with an authentication code. Contact us to activate it:

May 2022

Board view: You can see your project tasks and milestones in a board view and group them by status or responsible

✨Workspace: The former workspace is now a private project in the Favourites folder.

✨Favourites folder: Introduced a new project folder named Favourites. You find it on top of your project folder list. So you can simply move projects to favourites.

✨New sorting options: On the My tasks page you can sort your tasks now by assignment date and by creation date

My tasks: We renamed Upcoming tasks to My tasks. Find all tasks that are assigned to you here.

InApp Notification: It displays the number of unread notifications within the read badge on the notification icon. It helps you quickly to quickly check how many new notifications you received.

Notification settings: You can decide whether you want to receive an In-app notification, e-mail notification or both for each notification type. You can access it via the Notification center, profile setting navigation, or email notifications.

E-Mail notification: You will now also receive an e-mail notification when someone assigns you responsible for a project, summary task, task, milestone or checklist item.

April 2022

✨Task duration: From now on you can edit the duration of planned fixed tasks.

✨My Tasks: Upcoming shows you all your tasks, checklist items, and milestones without due dates. Accelerate your collaboration.

In-App Notifications: Introduced the read/unread button. You can set the notification status to read or unread. You can change the status just by clicking the button.

In-App Notifications: Introduced the red badge, it indicates that there are unread notifications for you.

✨Team booking: Book persons without roles. The booked person only has to be a member in the team board, a role is not required anymore.

March 2022

✨Commenting and Status Update function now also for checklist items.

🔧 Improvement of the Drag and Drop behavior in all the list views, leads to easier targeting to the desired drop-off position.

In-App Notifications: Introduced the notification center which shows different types of notifications (@mention, assignment & feedback request).

🔧 Fixed additional recalculation efforts in the netplan, when moving a task into a summary task in the list view of a project.

✨ Renamed Inbox to Workspace: Recently we introduced new functions to Inbox and the concept of the Inbox changed quite a lot. Since you can plan a mini-project within the page, it has been renamed to Workspace.

✨ Duplication of a summary task including links: It duplicates a summary task keeping the links already created between tasks. No more re-linking!

✨ Project / Task share function: We improved the user experience by introducing a new button in the user permission screen. User journey for adding a new member is clearer and more straightforward.

✨ Focus card > Breadcrumbs: They are more eye-catching now for you to be able to easily navigate yourself back to the project or parent task.

✨ Focus card > Close icon: You can easily close a focus card by clicking the cross icon. It'll also navigate you to a relevant project if it's opened via a deep link.

✨ Optimised tooltip over timeline: By hovering over a timeline bar, any timeline bar will show the full name of a task. Previously it displayed only when you hover over a task name.

✨Display planned buffer: Removed confusions created by automatically calculated buffer. Now it simplify visualises the planned buffer only.

✨ Project links in List view: You can click a project name and open the project in a new browser tab.

✨ Team board timeline: The employee utilization is now shown in your team.

✨Calendar: Create your project and employee calendars in a separate tab at organization level

✨ Non-working days in Calendar: You can pick up a non-working day (e.g. weekends, public holidays, company holidays) as a start-, end-, or due-date of a Project, Task, Checklist-item or Milestone.

✨ Focus card > Checklist-item: You can easily open a Checklist-item focus card by clicking the Checklist-item name or empty space.

✨ Focus card > Checklist-item: If you hover over the checklist-item title, the edit-icon will be displayed. If you click the edit-icon, you can directly edit the title there.

✨ Today in Timeline: We introduced the "Today" button in the Timeline view. With it, you can easily go back to the actual date, that is indicated by the blue vertical line.

✨ Last view configuration: Allex will now store your last view configuration – opened Columns, selected Zoom level, Time period (Week, Month, etc.), and Sorting option.

February 2022

✨ Focus card: New close function has been introduced at the top right corner in the blue headline. When you close a focus card and if you have permission to access its project, you will be navigated to the project. If you don't have permission, you will be navigated to My Day.

✨ Clickable project title: In the list view, you can click a project title to open it in a new tab of your browser. (Search, Inbox, My Day, Upcoming, Team Boards)

✨ Commenting: New access point to the commenting function has been introduced in the blue header of a focus card.

✨ Product Updates: New access point to the Product Updates page has been introduced in the profile menu.

✨ We've renewed the inbox to make your personal task management even more powerful: Create summary tasks, organize tasks via drag & drop, copy tasks, add comments & much more

🔧 When calculating hours in resource bookings, project calendars are now also taken into account

✨ SSO Login: For links in email notifications the login now works directly via SSO


🔧 CSV Export: We improved the display of data in the exported CSV file

✨ More and more team members are using allex? Improved loading time for member list of larger organizations

✨ Folders: We renamed Sections to Folders. Read more in the help center article

✨ Search: You can select multiple responsible persons in your search

🔧 Tasks from templates are no longer displayed in team board list view. They are hidden by default.

✨ Global search: See and select your recent searches. Read more in the help center article

🔧 Performance boost: Increased speed for actions in the list and netplan view of large projects

✨ Sorting function: You can sort by Custom fields

✨ Project status: We added the new project status Canceled

✨ Registration/ Onboarding: Get started with Allex by using templates


✨ No one likes manual work. You can select one or multiple calendars for your project and the date calculation takes into account all holidays. Read more

✨ Duplicate resource information: When you duplicate a task or summary task you can now select resource information (e.g. booked resources, budget) to be duplicated

✨ Team boards timeline: We simplified drag and drop of tasks and bookings

✨ Global search: We added a save search functionality. Read more in the help center article

✨ Global search: Quick filters for Tasks I’ve assigned, Tasks I’ve assigned to others and Tasks others assigned to me. Read more in the help center article

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