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How do I delete links in the netplan?
How do I delete links in the netplan?

What is a link? Where can I delete links? How do I delete dependencies? Who can delete a link?

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In this article you will learn:

1. What is a link?

  • Linking two tasks in the netplan creates a dependency between those two tasks

  • The task the link starts from (predecessor) should be done before the task the link goes to (successor) starts

  • Links support your project plan with a clear sequence of tasks

2. Where and how to delete a link?

There are two ways of deleting links in the netplan:

1. Delete single links:

  • Hover and press the link you would like to delete

  • Press Delete on the bottom bar to complete the deletion

  • Press Cancel if you want to exit the deletion mode

  • If you change your mind and want to delete another link just click on the preferred one and your selection will change

2. Remove all links of a task/milestone:

  • Open the netplan

  • Open the three-dot menu of the task or milestone

  • Select Remove all links

  • All links from predecessors and to successors of the selected task/milestone will be deleted

3. What happens next

Often questions about "How do I delete links in the netplan?" come along with questions about:

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